Candy Buffet & Dessert Tables
It has to be perfect. This is our mantra.  From each curled ribbon to the individual embossed tags on the jars, every last piece will match and fit exactly.
Let us know your theme or style, and we can come up with a perfect table for you.  Don’t have a theme yet? Have a chat with us and we will work our magic.


A gorgeous bride! A bloom of exotic flowers! The blushing bridesmaids! All you need now is perfectly themed Dessert and Candy Tables that will give your reception that special, distinctive touch.  Not only are our tables beautiful, your guests will have great fun perusing all the sweet treats and carefully selecting what they want. It’s not that easy to choose when it all looks so good!

Corporate Events

Whether you are hosting customers, industry professionals, or a staff function, our Candy Buffets will create a sensation. This unique, boutique experience will leave your guests giggling like thieves as they stock up their candy bags and debate the merits of Toffee Bon Bons versus Licorice Wheels.  We can match your company colours, creating a visual display with impact and flair. Don’t be surprised if your event starts trending on Twitter.


Preschoolers and pensioners alike love our tables, probably because they look great and taste even better. No matter who is blowing out the candles, they will love having a party that no-one forgets. And trust us- our tables make any venue look amazing. Your party will not easily be forgotten!    

Other Events

We will come to any kind of event you can name, from bachelorette parties to baby showers, fashion launches to fiftieth anniversaries.  Whatever the celebration, we can make it extraordinary with a Candy Buffet or Dessert table. Ask us to your event, and you can rest easy.  Every detail will be perfect.