July 03, 2012
The Ombre!
The Ombre!
Ombre: A French word meaning “Shaded” colour is graduated from light to dark and often into stripes of varying shades – And I love it!

From fabrics, Paper, Floral arrangements, cakes and even candy design, Ombre has been around for a long while. Whether it’s a colour scheme of Grey tones to you’re Pink’s, Blue’s and Green’s Ombre has a beautiful effect across all spectrum’s of colour.

I’m desperately trying to root through my photo albums (Yes before such things as online albums and memory sticks) To get to the point the year our first son was born (10 years ago). My husband and I took on a huge project and purchased  a 100 year old Victorian Townhouse in the UK. After having the entrance hallway, staircase and landing re plastered and original 8″ skirting re-fitted I had sudden inspiration – A few hours later, a car load of Green masking tape and 30Litres of Dulux paint – I did the Ombre in the lightest steel Grey to its darkest shade in graduated stripes from the widest in the lightest to the narrowest width in the darkest and it looked amazing, especially up the staircase with what was innovative at the time staircase halogens fitted in the stair wall. I almost feel old thinking back 10 years!

If you feel like adding the Ombre effect in your surroundings the concept is simple. Go to your nearest paint shop and look at the colour charts, pick the colour and off you go. Although as a pre warning patience is required and a whole heap of measuring and prepping first but it’s worth it!


Coming back to my intended blog post here’s some beautiful Ombre inspiration of cakes, hanging decor, gorgeous dessert table and furniture!


http://www.glorioustreats.com/2012/05/purple-ombre-mini-cakes.html   http://www.bobbetteandbelle.com/sig_wed_product15.html