February 26, 2012
Totally Addicted to Backdrops
Totally Addicted to Backdrops
Life is full of backdrops. They can make or break the perfect view. You find a perfect house and you want the perfect backdrop from the window, you decorate a room and you want a feature wall providing a backdrop to your fireplace. We get it –  and that is why we LOVE creating backdrops!

Coming across this stunning creation by German designer Karl Lagerfeld (for Chanel) our eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful arrangement behind the model. The carnival of white with the intricate detailing and overload of handmade paper floral arrangements make it simply divine.

Stunning backdrops provide the finishing touch to our desert tables and candy buffets all of which are taylor made. We see the theme and our creative juices start flowing! Bringing together colour schemes and chosen themes equals a recipe for design heaven.

We captured the magic in this beautiful blossom scene. Dessert just the way Mother Nature intended.

Backdrops can be as simple or as complicated as you so wish. Think high quality printing, locally sourced stunning fabrics, indoors, outdoors, floral, chevron, monochrome……….. The possibilities really are endless.

Our collective box contains pinwheels, picture frames, fabrics, wallpapers, fresh flowers, wood to name a few and just when you were wondering what to do with all those books collecting dust on your bookcase…….

 We also say “yum” to this novel idea.


All that these Girl Scout inspired cakes needed was some simple ribbon to show off of all their charm.
How could we resist this exquisite floral print for our vintage candy buffet?

Our most recent creation is this eggshell brick print backdrop for a heavenly wedding desert table. The masculinity of the print and the feminity of the beading and corsage were made for each other!



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